Saturday, August 15, 2009

The End of an Era

Hello all,

I haven't written lately because for some reason my musings have been mainly about life, not employment, per se. It's all just setting in. The fact that I'm actually moving is progressively hitting me harder everyday. Especially when I look at my closet...and my dresser...and my shoes... If anyone ever asked me if I am a materialistic person I would say no, but if you walked into my room someone might suggest driving me to a shopaholics anonymous meeting.

Anyway, finally, really leaving the nest has caused me to spend a lot of time thinking about my childhood and my friends and always ends with "Oh God! I am so old." It feels like the end of an era and how fitting that today is my last day with Esme, my car. She's so much more than that though. My car represents my first real step into adulthood. My little Mazda was my first car and I paid for it on my own, so seeing it go is painful, but necessary to move onto the next phase of my life. Like cutting the umbilical cord, as graphic an image as that is.

After this evening I can finally start packing. I have my huge suitcases and I'm ready to go. :)

The only recent development I can share with you about my job hunt is that I am continuously applying for jobs and I recently had an interview at SPIN magazine. I really liked the office. It was right in the middle of Canal Street in New York. I have no news to report on that except that I realized after the interview I am not an articulate person by any stretch of the imagination and I subsequently realized that this is why I write. I can't edit myself when I'm rambling verbally instead of on paper.

I'm not sure how many of you are unemployed and watch TVlike I do, but the trailer for "Post Grad" looks pretty good. For some reason it makes me happy to see Alexis Bledel playing my, and pretty much everyone's, role in her movie. I'm seriously wondering if they're going to make the ending a fairytale where Bledel gets a great job or if it will end realistically with a tired, frustrated and jobless college graduate.

One last thing, In an effort to turn you on to the woes of others besides myself I've added an application to the blog. It's a newsreel on the lower right hand side of the page listing current articles related to unemployed college grads. Enjoy!

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  1. I promise I'll take really good care of Esme :) You can even visit her if you come back down from all the fun and excitement of NY. Is it cool if I start calling her "Esme: the Protege of Science"? I'm a bit of a Bill Nye geek lol...