Saturday, May 30, 2009

And So It Begins

I am now officially an alumna of the University of Maryland. It's been a week. A very exhausting week. Funny, considering I don't have anything horribly mentally challenging to do anymore except read a book of theories on life by Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran (graduation gift from mother).

Yep, life has definitely slowed down since taking that 20-foot walk across a stage to receive a "lithograph" documenting my four-year achievement. The most excitement I've had since graduation is recovering from my much-needed tonsillectomy on Friday. After two years of trying to convince incompetent doctors that my tonsils were indeed infected I finally found one who agreed with me. So now I have become the definition of laziness, complete with a bell for any beck and call I may have.

I'm finally feeling up to stepping up my game and rejoining the world. I've managed to secure an internship with during the summer, which has it's pros and cons. The most massive con being no pay, but the fact that the site gets 50,000 hits a day and that it's all via telecommuting make it somewhat reasonable. Plus, there's the chance that they may hire me after a few months, but we'll see what happens.

In scouting job sites I came across advice archives on For those of you who don't know, Ed2010 is a site for aspiring magazine journalists who want to be editors by the year 2010. I remember going to my first meeting during freshman year four years ago and thinking, "yeah, like that's gonna happen," but I feel like I could definitely accomplish that in a reasonable amount of time. It may not be by Jan. 1, 2010, but I definitely think sometime during next year is a possibility.

I digress... in the letter submitted on Ed2010 a California native asked Ed if finding an entry level job with a magazine was doable and his response shocked me a bit. Apparently if you want to get a good start in magazines, then New York is the place to be since most mags have one or two people on site in CA cities for correspondence. So with that, I'm starting to be practical and open my search a bit more to New York. It's not that I don't like the city, but people there are a bit too angry for my taste and after our last massive snow storm here in Maryland while scrapping my windshield off with frostbitten fingers I decided that I was ready for warm weather.

Here's hoping. At this point, anything that comfortably gets me out of my parent's house in a reasonable amount of time (that time limit being 6 months) and doing something I enjoy seems like a tall order, but once again, I think it's doable. Positive thinking is desperately needed right now.

I apologize for the ramblings of this inaugural blog post, I'll be more focused in the future when I'm not drugged up on Percocet.