Friday, July 24, 2009

So, tell me about yourself…

*I wrote this post a few days ago, but I've waited to publish it because I hadn't given my notice at my steady, financially secure job, which I'm quitting to pursue life in the big city. Moving without a job may be stupid, but it would be even worse to blab before actually resigning and lose said steady job. So this was all in the interest of covering my ass.*

My life has been a series of interviews for the past few weeks. Whether it’s a job, an apartment or the third degree on what I want on my hot dog. I’m constantly talking about my likes and dislikes, selling myself to get what I want. I have to admit, I’m getting good too, but I’ll be glad when the press is over and I can once again be the one asking the questions.

The last few days in New York have been some of the most interesting of my life. I’ve been quacked at, hit on by a drunk man at night, in a bad neighborhood, whilst he took swigs from a bottle of Jack Daniels, and met lots of interesting people (they can't all be negative, although, being quacked at was absolutely hilarious).

I’m on the verge of being employed (though don’t tell the people whose apartments I’m looking at). I’ve spent the better part of this week in my future home, New York City, and more notably interviewing for a position with Entertainment Weekly, the latter of which I’m very excited about to say the least. I’m hoping to be the top choice, but then again, who isn’t? Either way, Maryland will be a distant memory by the end of next month when I become apart of the hustle and bustle of New York.

Constantly being on display the way I have been takes a lot out of you and as I scribble this on my little notepad to post later, I’m sitting on the C train to Manhattan hoping that I’ve sold myself enough. Maybe just enough to give me the kick start I need for a real life where I write about what I love in a gorgeous office by day and feast on Ramen noodles by night.

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  1. After I graduated from college seven years ago, it took me a year and a half before I got this job at a technical staffing firm. Bet I tell you that it's really hard looking getting that job for you. You will have to shed tears, sweat and blood before having that job. But you know once you get hired and feel contented with it, all the pain and insecurities that you've felt when you were jobless will all fade away.